Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Office Delema

As I set up my first office space in our new home I had to laugh at the concessions that I made to live at the seaside.  I had grown used to a private large home office for me and one for my employees and a massive studio, that I think may be larger than the entire plot of land we have on the sand.

A window was the only redeeming feature of this space that was no more than 9 square feet shoved under an eve in the bedroom we slept in.  The next move was into the guest room of our house this was great to have a bit more room but  lived with the constant pounding, grinding, thumping and banging of the construction happening under me all day, every day. On the plus side I had a toilet with in 20 steps which was not the case when I had to move shop again on the second summer to make room for a full house!

The privacy of a spacious office was wonderful but it was in a decrepit house that had yet to be renovated, so it was hot/cold and dirty. Lets just say that 18 moths of that was enough.

As the three year mark approaches I am now settled in to my new official office space complete with plumbing and sound proofed walls! It is an awesome space that I love.

The space in front of the window was my first home office space

Love At First Sight - Our Home Sweet Beach Home

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