Sunday, March 23, 2014

Never Meant To Be

Building two was never meant to be. Upon looking at the property Martin and I decided we would tear it down, and never went inside until after the purchase. I am glad we kept it and transformed it in to two apartments, my office, Martins work shop and the laundry room.  As we finish the last stages of the renovation Martin and I agree that it would have been wiser to build the work shop first rather than last but what is it they say about the best plans?  

We now have a kitchen to feed the crew.

Martin Teaching

Replacing Walls.
My Temp Office Has a Big Draft
My Office Space Taking Shape!

A Full Bath! This Is Exciting Now!
Apartment B.  Every Bit Of Wood Is New!

A Bathtub!!!!!!!!!
Tile Installed
Water Heaters
Workshop - Someday

 Winter is over but not gone and the construction continues on.

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