Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yule not be having that romantic weekend

Christmas Yule Blog Part 3


In August, Martin embarked on a very long trip to the other side of the world with no definite return date and a chance that he would have to be there for Christmas. We were all freaking out! I told him he had to be home because I was taking him to Mt. Washington before Christmas for a romantic getaway. He was very EXCITED and made sure he was home in time! 

"Heather is taking me away for a sexy weekend." Martin told our friend. Artis laughed, then told me and I laughed and laughed and....Well we had a great FAMILY getaway.

We stayed at the Omni Mt. Washington resort and the "WOW" that came out of the boys mouth was worth every penny. It is a place were you are pampered with extraordinary service and beautiful surroundings and skiing and zip lining  just across the road at Bretton Woods.


 Martin is not sure weather to smile or cry, not the getaway he had planned for.



Outdoor pool bottom left hand corner. Nope, we did not!

 I love all the care in the decoration. 

He is not being sassy just following my bad example. I had the knife in my teeth, like a pirate.

Tracey and I after drinking just enough to make her pose with me.   She makes me smile.  

Goofy Nut Crackers

And their mouths work! Love it!

 Obviously, this was my selfie mirror.

I have been told that I am they're favorite Heather! I love these two.

 We were lucky and skied after a natural snow and before the rain. It was a blast, mostly. More about that in 2016.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yule be late

Christmas Yule Blog Part 2

Yule Be Late 


You know what has happened. All kinds of last minute hiccups with both the surprise and the smoke screen project I have going on. Outside I am like "Yeah Yeah everything is cool." Inside is not...

December 17, 2015
                               5:30 AM Wake up (that is if I slept)

                               7:30 Confirmation that "Project NYC Christmas tree is 3 trees short" 
                                        I volunteered to make 50 plus trees with 4 teenage girls and their Moms to                                             fund raise for a school NY City trip. 3 trees = 6 batches of dough                                  

8:00AM till 5:00 PM run around like a wild woman while trying to appearing calm

5:30PM Till 7:30 PM Dinner out trying not to seam to interested in phone. Relax with Long Island Ice Tea (silly thing to do)

8:00 PM Till 9:30 PM Keep getting later and later ETA's on the surprise.

10:00 PM  Send Martin to bed.

11:00 PM The surprise is dropped off by a  friend who's vehicle was towed when picking up the gift.     

11:15 PM Lure Martin into Apartment B with the excuse of a leak  under the sink.

11:16 PM Martin introduces himself to the guests who have "rented" the apartment then he realizes he knows them it's his Daughter and her family!

For some weird reason every camera I used malfunctioned and I did not get any good shots, but it was awesome. Martin was surprised we pulled it off!

I was so happy I do not think I slept that night and if I did I smiled even then.  Christmas 2015 was on and it was going to be the best one ever. 

Part 3 tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Extreamly Perfect Surprise

Christmas Yule Blog part 1

The last great Christmas I had was decades ago. Until 2015 when I was part of  biggest surprise my husband has ever received.
Here he is blissfully unaware that in just hours he will be weeping and forgiving me for not sending out Christmas cards this year, the one tradition I had kept. This year I will send out a Yule Blog. 

I was asked to join this adventure by a person who is dear to my heart, Tracey, Martin's daughter. On May 6th we started to plan a surprise Christmas for Martin, who as you may not know is an X-treamly Perfect; Husband, Father, Grampy. How we kept him in the dark, I do not know, because we told everyone.  A huge thanks to every person who kept this hush hush.

After months of planning December 17th arrived...