Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Beach Trumps All

The Beach Trumps All

Do not get to disappointed but I dropped the ball on renovation photos when the summer hit for several reasons.
First, I was still fulfilling wedding photography contracts and spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to Ohio. Second, regretfully, when you live and breath a project 24-7 it becomes so common place it hardly seems note worthy anymore. Third and most important it was beach season. Seriously, where would you have been.

Martin and his helpers working on apartment A's bathroom

All new walls ready to be sided. That will take Martin and I all spring, summer and fall to finish.
There is so much to do in the warm weather here at the beach.

 Walk the beach
Sight See
 Concerts (This is Pat Benitar)

 Relax at the Beach

 Swim with Friends (Note: get out when you see lightning!)
When the summer winds down and we are all nice and tanned we chill and settle down for winter.
 BFF Zoe and our pack
Martin Planning Apartment B renovations. At that point it was my third temporary office space. It was comfortable about 6 weeks a year the rest of the time I froze or suffered heat stroke.

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