Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I love Waves

I run back in to the shallow diving under the frothy push of breaking waves popping up to my feet as I let the wave push at my shoulders and chest I walk into the waist deep water of the break and wait.
Floating on my back, I watch out over my toes in to the brilliant blue horizon. bobbing up and down as smaller waves pass under me I watch a wave grow, it builds and the troth deepens. I swing my legs under me and plant my feet as the water sucks at my legs trying to pull me out, under. I wait watching the wall of water build smooth and imposing. Catch the wave too early, and the ride will be so-so, if I am too late and the wave will crash on me, causing me to be pounded and spun along the sandy bottom.  Now looking up, waiting for the moment, adjusting my position to hit the sweet spot to get the push. 

I crouch and spring up into the front of the oncoming blueness. Twisting towards the shore I stretch out my body and I am suddenly part of the wave, being propelled along as if weightless, harnessing incredible power that gently retreats leaving me lying upon the damp sand.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Are You Coming to the Beach

Are You Coming to the Beach?

I had the pleasure of photographing 3 beautiful little children a few days ago. They were all cute as a button but the middle boy was my friend within minutes and had a great time having his photo taken. Although his Grandmother thought I would not get even a smile he proved to be the most cooperative of the bunch.  His photos were full of smiles so bright he did not recognize himself in the sample photo I showed him the next day.

During our encounter the next day he asked me if I was going to the beach that afternoon.  I said I might. "OK" he said "Remember to bring your bathing suit and toys!"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tearful Goodbye

As anyone who has meet me knows I cry when my emotions rise, which is often, but until last week I have not shed tears when a guest has checked-out. Each of the guests have been wonderful but last week the house had 5 guests that were super special. Each exuded their own special magic of joy, love, caring, exuberance and thoughtfulness that touched both Martin and I, Although only I cried.

Gosh, I just love my life as a Beach Bum.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Living Our Dreams at Sandy Paws Cottage: Ham Phenomenon

Living Our Dreams at Sandy Paws Cottage: Ham Phenomenon: Last night I had the pleasure of taking photos of a vacationing family and their fun little dogs. The shoot was great and I was pleased with...

Ham Phenomenon

Last night I had the pleasure of taking photos of a vacationing family and their fun little dogs. The shoot was great and I was pleased with the images. On my walk home I met some Hams...

 A group of boys were playing football but stopped and asked me to take their photo, and then

Another anonymous couple of Hams.  What I find so funny is they said, "Take my photo." I did and then kept walking without saying a word or them knowing me or what I was going to do with their photo.  The two big cameras probably are the attraction for the Ham phenomenon, now I want to walk around today with my cameras to see how many Hams I can find. 

Have a happy day everyone!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Is Here

August is here, marking the half way mark through our first summer rental season.  I am happy to report that Martin and I are enjoying ourselves hosting many beach memories. Excellent guests from near and far  have all enriched our beach bum life. 

We will soon be saying goodbye to our first long term guest "Just Nancy" who has been a blessing for the past year putting up with our construction mess and noise. Although we will miss her we are excited to offer another unit and more options for our guests next season.

That is all for now, the waves are calling and the water is warm.