Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Behind the Yellow Door

I was working away at my computer and I hear this mighty howl then "Honey, Honey, you got to see this"  I have to admit I was not the least bit interested since there were so many sights and crazy "oh gosh" moments when some rigged up beach fix was discovered as walls, ceiling and floors were torn out. I had ceased to be amazed and was in awe at the fact the house had not fallen down or at least caved in. All of a sudden he comes bursting in carrying a blackened dust ball about the size of a Football "You got to see this, you will love it" Martin said, a bright smile well established on his face. 

Frowning hard at being interrupted while working and the dirt being carried into my office space I took a closer look. "Oh my goodness, how perfect!" I said as my smile spread to match Martins. It was a toy dog, a Bowser -Wowser to be specific.  Not only a dog but a liver colored springer spaniel which happens to be what our Razz and Buddy were.

I took charge, work forgotten, I started to clean him up as Martin told me how he had found him up against the door when he looked in the cubby under the stairs. As I cleaned away the dirt I found the marks of a beloved toy. Neatly printed, under each floppy ear, in  blue ink is a name underlined many times by perhaps a parent fearful of loosing their child's  favorite toy. 

Sandy Paws is now our mascot and sits in a place of honor in our living room.

Sandy Paws After His Bath


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