Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In the Beginning

In the beginning 

Martin is a planner! He is always thinking years in advance on every project he undertakes. So when we found the original drawings  in planning the renovations we had a good chuckle to see how far off we are from our original thoughts.
First of all we had no intentions of having vacation rental properties, as you will notice the back unit was going to be my office and a massive deck.  It would have been fabulous but practical thoughts entered the arena as we settled in to life at the beach and changes began to take hold.
Transformations are not only evident in the house plans but in our most imprinted personal habits. Martin who is a creature of schedules and plans NEVER went a day without his watch on. He put  it on first thing in the morning and took it off last thing at night but within the first summer he was not wearing a watch, When I asked why he said it left a tan mark. He has never put a watch on since.  By the next summer he was going to the store with no socks on and wearing beach shoes, once again the answer was due to tan lines!   

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