Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Bathroom and the Backdoor

 We will start with a picture of something cute because the rest of the images are not pretty.

Help us please our people have just gone crazy!

When we moved in to this house we had 2 working toilets and one shower, none of which were in the same room but all of them were positively gross! As I look back, I can not believe we lived like for almost a year, renovating the house were we lived.  One of the first major projects was to install a backdoor so that the dogs could be let out in to the tiny yard. To accomplish this the second toilet had to be removed leaving us with one very sorry toilet that shared a room with a 50 gallon trash can, 38 pounds of dog food and a nest of pipes that we rammed our toes into often. It also had a rotted floor as a bonus, death trap feature. The shower had the awesome water pressure and that's all I care to remember.

Martin and Ben just before the toilet is removed

Our Toilet room. Note the modern grunge lighting fixture and book holder. Mind the tiny step ( Funny enough this is one thing that had to remain) It was nice and close to the kitchen.

 A beautiful view of the space for our backdoor.

This was  life in our house each and everyday, with tools and building supplies among the old decay and new construction. Do not forget we had five dogs who adjusted immediately to very different circumstances in fairly hazardous surroundings.

 Backdoor installed. In 2 years he will install the 6th and final exterior door on the property.

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