Monday, March 10, 2014

Brave First House Guests


Brave First House Guests

Martin's youngest son and his wife were our first house guests. Originally their trip was going to take them to Ohio but as our lives changed so did their destination. Work stopped, or as stopped as it gets, for two weeks while we enjoyed their company. They were brave indeed.

As October settled in Martin started installing the new water line.

This is how we lived! Note the electrical cord hanging down from the upstairs.

Oh glorious Day!  Goodbye toilet/trash room.

Fact: I refused to clean the toilet or shower for weeks before it was torn out as an added incentive for Martin to act quickly on the bathroom front. 

Take special note of the yellow cubby door to the far right. Behind this door held a special surprise for The door had been blocked off 40 years ago when a shower stall was installed in the space creating an unintended time capsule and what we found delighted us and we took it as a sign life would be great here at Sandy Paws Cottage.


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