Sunday, March 9, 2014

Breaking the Ice

literally and figuratively we broke the ice this weekend. As the massive snow/ice piles melt away in the warming longer days we held an open house! Good news, bad news - We had the total of one person come in but they walked away as our first official summer renter.  Come on summer!

Now for a few more renovation images.

Mixing cement for a pad for the back entrance.

The kitchen work shop.
Up in the new rafters.
The shower is behind that door. I often had to go to my friends to shower if I did not get done when the work crew arrived because it had no celling and the door did not shut.
Building the house from the inside out
New windows going in.
Most likely I cooked 3 meals that day in that space. Life is a vacation!

New Electrical     

Master Bed Room - Some Day

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