Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yule Be Finding Green Glitter Forever

Christmas Yule Blog Part6 of 6

Santa stopped by to surf

I have been putting off writing this last part of my Christmas blog because  I will cry where this adventure with the Hartleys ends. Memories, however, like the green glitter from Santa's gift wrapping paper,will remain with me forever and pop up in the strangest places.

Ben and GiGi in their Christmas Best

Christmas morning was lovely. We ate cookies "biscuits" if you are English, and drank champagne (Thanks Kim Ellis). Exchanging gifts under the tree was nice. There were a few tears, a lot of warm toes and happy hearts all around. But Santa never left a gift under the tree. He must have forgot the boys were visiting and delivered to their house instead.
Yes, it was that warm.

Insanely warm weather was the story here at the beach and the Hartleys made the news. It was quite an exciting and unexpected treat. 

Dinner was made complete with neighbors and dear friends who joined the celebration. Everything was yummy and we had fun with the English Crackers which contain a paper crown, a toy and a riddle or joke.  Just as we cleared up the table the strangest thing happened. Sleigh bells were heard overhead and when we went outside to see what it was we found a bag from Santa on our roof.

The boys who played outside all morning said they did not see a bag before dinner and would have noticed it. We were all in the house when it happened so, he does exist! There was nice notes explaining his error and something for everyone wrapped in green glitter paper. 

I do not think he plans on removing this hat - ever. Thanks Artis
No, I don't know why, but isn't he cute.

A few short days later we said good bye and so must I, because the tears are now flowing.

Sad last day

Last pancake morning - Sad is everywhere

Bowing - trying not to be sad

How Grampy feels about saying goodbye!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yule Be Zipping

Christmas Yule Blog Part 5


I awoke this morning excited for today's Christmas blog. This was one of my favorite activities because we all shared in the experience.  We started getting into these fashion forward helmets and snappy harnesses. We all were excited to fly down the mountain.

Perhaps not all of us. Tracey's face shows her feelings clearly. I have to give her a big Kudos because she overcame her anxiety and zipped, climbed, hiked, and repelled along with the rest of us.  

Zack and Patrick, our guides did a great job making the experience not only safe but FUN. 


 The boys had fun. Thomas thought it would be a great job, guiding zip line tours, I agree.

 Up in the tree tops we all cheered each other on as we zipped across the mountain. 

We had to drag Martin away at the end of the day or he would still be chatting to Zack and Patrick about the great safety measures of the Zip Line.  

All about Santa's visit tomorrow.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Yule be watching the slopes all day

Christmas Yule Blog Part4


 A day of skiing was more for the grandchildren then for Grampy and Tracey. They watched while the rest or us hit the slopes, some more literally than others.  It turns out I was the best skier of the bunch, which I consider hilarious since I never imagined after not putting on a ski for 30 years.

This is our first ski lift ride all together. We were all so happy on the bunny slope.

We all took a lesson. Unfortunately the kids and adults are separated so I do not know what was happening with them but Doug and I had fun learning the basics with Mr. Ed, our instructor.
I was the teachers pet since I am "a natural". So I goofed off A LOT and played demonstrator. It was fun and I know Martin was laughing at me hamming it up. Doug did well and even said he would ski again.

Having fun

Mr. Confident
The boys did marvelous and took to speeding straight down the bunny slopes as fast as they could go. Soon they wanted more of a challenge.   They begged and pleaded and asked with determined persistence to go down the bigger slope.  Thomas  mad face was enough to crumble my heart but I sent him back as Samuel and I went up the next slope. 

 This was the last smile of that run. Every time he went to turn he fell. He looked like an angry spider squashed on the slope several times and I screamed "BIG PIZZA SLICE" more than I care to count. Thankfully his binding broke about 200 yards into the run and he had to walk down. At one point he looked at me and said with attitude "Why did you let me do this?" Good question, I thought looking down towards the very distant lodge.

20 minutes later we were at the base safe and sound. No more requests were made to leave the bunny slope.

Zip Lining the next day was particularly fun because we all participated. Also, I was once again a natural, who knew? All about that tomorrow.