Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yule not be having that romantic weekend

Christmas Yule Blog Part 3


In August, Martin embarked on a very long trip to the other side of the world with no definite return date and a chance that he would have to be there for Christmas. We were all freaking out! I told him he had to be home because I was taking him to Mt. Washington before Christmas for a romantic getaway. He was very EXCITED and made sure he was home in time! 

"Heather is taking me away for a sexy weekend." Martin told our friend. Artis laughed, then told me and I laughed and laughed and....Well we had a great FAMILY getaway.

We stayed at the Omni Mt. Washington resort and the "WOW" that came out of the boys mouth was worth every penny. It is a place were you are pampered with extraordinary service and beautiful surroundings and skiing and zip lining  just across the road at Bretton Woods.


 Martin is not sure weather to smile or cry, not the getaway he had planned for.



Outdoor pool bottom left hand corner. Nope, we did not!

 I love all the care in the decoration. 

He is not being sassy just following my bad example. I had the knife in my teeth, like a pirate.

Tracey and I after drinking just enough to make her pose with me.   She makes me smile.  

Goofy Nut Crackers

And their mouths work! Love it!

 Obviously, this was my selfie mirror.

I have been told that I am they're favorite Heather! I love these two.

 We were lucky and skied after a natural snow and before the rain. It was a blast, mostly. More about that in 2016.


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