Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Extreamly Perfect Surprise

Christmas Yule Blog part 1

The last great Christmas I had was decades ago. Until 2015 when I was part of  biggest surprise my husband has ever received.
Here he is blissfully unaware that in just hours he will be weeping and forgiving me for not sending out Christmas cards this year, the one tradition I had kept. This year I will send out a Yule Blog. 

I was asked to join this adventure by a person who is dear to my heart, Tracey, Martin's daughter. On May 6th we started to plan a surprise Christmas for Martin, who as you may not know is an X-treamly Perfect; Husband, Father, Grampy. How we kept him in the dark, I do not know, because we told everyone.  A huge thanks to every person who kept this hush hush.

After months of planning December 17th arrived...

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