Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yule be late

Christmas Yule Blog Part 2

Yule Be Late 


You know what has happened. All kinds of last minute hiccups with both the surprise and the smoke screen project I have going on. Outside I am like "Yeah Yeah everything is cool." Inside is not...

December 17, 2015
                               5:30 AM Wake up (that is if I slept)

                               7:30 Confirmation that "Project NYC Christmas tree is 3 trees short" 
                                        I volunteered to make 50 plus trees with 4 teenage girls and their Moms to                                             fund raise for a school NY City trip. 3 trees = 6 batches of dough                                  

8:00AM till 5:00 PM run around like a wild woman while trying to appearing calm

5:30PM Till 7:30 PM Dinner out trying not to seam to interested in phone. Relax with Long Island Ice Tea (silly thing to do)

8:00 PM Till 9:30 PM Keep getting later and later ETA's on the surprise.

10:00 PM  Send Martin to bed.

11:00 PM The surprise is dropped off by a  friend who's vehicle was towed when picking up the gift.     

11:15 PM Lure Martin into Apartment B with the excuse of a leak  under the sink.

11:16 PM Martin introduces himself to the guests who have "rented" the apartment then he realizes he knows them it's his Daughter and her family!

For some weird reason every camera I used malfunctioned and I did not get any good shots, but it was awesome. Martin was surprised we pulled it off!

I was so happy I do not think I slept that night and if I did I smiled even then.  Christmas 2015 was on and it was going to be the best one ever. 

Part 3 tomorrow.