Friday, October 31, 2014

14 Birthdays

Fourteen years ago Martin and I officially started our journey together. The first morning of the rest of our lives happened to be my 34th birthday  (this makes all calculations very easy) which happened to coincide with a pheasant shoot that Martin was attending. It was an early morning mixed with happiness, jet lag and a long ride to a estate some where in Oxford,  England.

Martin gave me a pair of diamond earrings and dead pheasants that day.  I will always remember being WAY under-dressed. I have to say the English can be ridiculously refined. I should have dressed for the jewelry not the stomping through the countryside.  As we sat down to a full English breakfast my grey sweatshirt, looked highly out of place among the fine crisp linen cut crystal and gleaming silver. Thankfully the rest of the day was spent in the muddy fields where I was looked only slightly worse than the beaters who walk through the wood rousting the birds.

It has been the best 14 birthdays of my life!

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