Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yule Be Zipping

Christmas Yule Blog Part 5


I awoke this morning excited for today's Christmas blog. This was one of my favorite activities because we all shared in the experience.  We started getting into these fashion forward helmets and snappy harnesses. We all were excited to fly down the mountain.

Perhaps not all of us. Tracey's face shows her feelings clearly. I have to give her a big Kudos because she overcame her anxiety and zipped, climbed, hiked, and repelled along with the rest of us.  

Zack and Patrick, our guides did a great job making the experience not only safe but FUN. 


 The boys had fun. Thomas thought it would be a great job, guiding zip line tours, I agree.

 Up in the tree tops we all cheered each other on as we zipped across the mountain. 

We had to drag Martin away at the end of the day or he would still be chatting to Zack and Patrick about the great safety measures of the Zip Line.  

All about Santa's visit tomorrow.

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